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Zirh by Zirh is a fragrance for men. Zirh was launched in 2001. The nose ... For best results, buy cheap and fresh (e.g. from FragranceNet) and apply liberally.

Zirh Warrior Collection Julius Caesar shower gel review

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Buy Zirh Aloe Vera Shave Gel 8.4 Oz / 250 Ml for Men by Zirh International at ... this for year so glad to find that Walmart sells it and at a much cheaper price.

ZIRH Shave GEL Aloe Vera 8.4 FL Oz 250 Ml in USA

ZIRH Shave Collection — I was already a fan of ZIRH’s line of men’s products afore they contacted me to try out some samples from their new shave collection. I regularly use their aftershave lotion, moisturizer and Erase anti-aging serum, and their discontinued (but soon to re-emerge) Corduroy cologne is my favorite “bargain” scent. So, my hopes were high for the three products ZIRH sent over, and for the most part, they didn’t disappoint.

Zirh international

Zirh International was founded in 1995. It has emerged as an international seller of men's skin care and shaving products. Zirh products differentiate themselves ...

Zirh Aloe Vera Shave Gel 8.4 Oz / 250 Ml for Men by Zirh International

Men’s skincare company Zirh has just released Ikon, a fragrance developed by perfumer Frank Voelkl. After reading Ikon’s ingredients list (davana flower, lemon, ginger, cardamom, atramentous cinnamon, clove, iris, frankincense, labdanum, cedar, amber, vetiver and patchouli), I felt I didn’t need my crystal ball to know which notes would boss the composition: there would be some ‘lemon’ (generic citrus), cardamom, and lots of cedar and amber. I’ve given up on mainstream fragrances presenting a bold patchouli note, a vibrant, expensive-smelling frankincense aroma, or a gutsy dose of labdanum; davana blossom essence is pricey, so I didn’t expect to detect it (and didn’t) in a $50 Eau de Toilette.

Zirh corduroy

Apr 2, 2012 ... If you want to find a really tasty kebab in Istanbul, just follow the sound of the zirh blade, say the bloggers from Istanbul Eats.

Zirh Aloe Vera Shave Gel 8.4 Oz / 250 Ml for Men by Zirh International

Sometimes snarky, occasionally suspicious, usually funny (at least in his own mind), Andy uses his blog space mostly as a written catharsis for the numerous, unrelated topics swirling around in his mildly OCD head. Andy is the publisher and co-founder of, a digital media company he started in 1998.

Zirh cleanse

Find great deals for ZIRH Shave GEL Aloe Vera 8.4 FL Oz 250 Ml in USA. ... But still, total amount worked out cheaper than UK high street (if you can find it) or other online ... I'll be back for more, but as I buy multiples, it may not be for a while .

LAS ZIRH tire protection chains presentation

The SCRUB aloe exfoliator is a nice product. With a ablaze grit to it, it acclaim exfoliates the skin without causing irritation. The PREPARE pre-shave oil is one of the best I’ve tried. It’s not greasy or scented, and it quickly soaks in to form a protective layer before shaving. And their new “Heavy Beard” atom cream is interesting, too. While I don’t have a abundant beard, I do suffer from ingrown hairs and razor burn, and this thick cream does a nice job protecting me from that. The cream, however, is quite thick, and does seem to clog my razor unless I really rinse it out. And it doesn’t accomplish well at all with a atom brush; your best bet is massaging it into your face with your fingers, which for some, is just fine. It’s just more evidence that I haven’t met a ZIRH product I don’t like. Even at full-price, this stuff is reasonable, but scour the abatement stores like T.J. Maxx – you’ll often find ZIRH for a total steal.

Zirh wash

... Luxury Beauty. Shop Zirh's best-selling products and read customer reviews. ... All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon ...

Zirh Shave Collection

Hi, I'm Mark ("Mantic59"). I help people get better shaves. Join me and thousands of others on Sharpologist's shaving advice list and get a account email with mini-tutorials, article summaries, and discounts plus ebooks, resource guides, and special reports. Opt out any time.


Sep 29, 2008 ... Zirh Ikon cologne for men. Men's skincare company Zirh has just released Ikon, a fragrance .... Who is the best predictor on this blog?!?! :-). Eric.

Zirh Ikon ~ fragrance review

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Zirh Clean Alpha-Hydroxy Face Wash, 8.4 Oz

Zirh Clean Alpha-Hydroxy Face Wash, 8.4 Oz

Zirh Clean Alpha-Hydroxy Face Wash:Salicylic Acid (BHA) is one of the main ingredients, a very powerful exfoliant, which essentialy "unglues" dead skin cells to make room for regrowth of new skin. Oil soluble and able to penetrate into the pores to inhibit sebum (oil) production and exfoliate dead skin cells.Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Glycolic, Malic and Lactic Acid) can ease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and improve skin elasticityDoubles as a shaving creamSuitable for all skin types
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Deal found at: Walmart
Corduroy 2 Pc. Gift Set ( Eau De Toilette Spray 4.2 Oz + Roll-on Aftershave Balm 1.7 Oz )

Corduroy 2 Pc. Gift Set ( Eau De Toilette Spray 4.2 Oz + Roll-on Aftershave Balm 1.7 Oz )

Corduroy fragrance was launched by the design house of Zirh InternationalMen's cologne set includes 4.2-ounce eau de toilette spray and 1.7-ounce roll-on aftershave balmMasculine scent possesses a blend of mandarin, grapefruit, cinnamon, lavender, davana, nutmeg, cedarwood, suede, Kashmir wood and sandalwoodWe cannot accept returns on this product. Due to manufacturer packaging changes, product packaging may vary from image shown.
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Deal found at: Walmart
Zirh 4 Piece Starter Kit

Zirh 4 Piece Starter Kit

Zirh 4 Piece Starter Kit.Zirh Starter Kit features everything you need to cleanse, hydrate and protect your skin from the visible signs of aging. Glycolic, Lactic and malic acids diminish age spots, fine lines while preventing breakouts and ingrown hairs. Rice bran proteins fuel cell growth for increased firmness while sweet almond and grape seed oils prevent environmental damage. Aloe vera extract soothes irritation. Kit includes: Clean 4.2 oz, Scrub 3.3 oz, Correct 1.6 oz, Protect 3.3 oz.
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Deal found at: Walmart
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